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  1. It has all become a leg lifting contest... :ph34r: Sorry, this may get long... I sent a WhatsApp to a friend earlier today by sheer coincidence. And the gist of it was. I got gatvol of the racing mentality in cycling a good many years ago. And during the end of that time "found" running - by sheer coincidence, it's a funny story. So a while later I went without cycling for years. I became a runner. But in that time, running (road and trail) became the same. And I got gatvol. And I learnt that cycling (and running!) can be... fun while improving yourself. At this stage... I don't care what your last Oceans time was or whether you ran SkyRun or UTCT or Comrades or 5 African-X's or whatever. That's your story. (Maybe I'm blunted by my training partners, but such is life.) And I know there is a couple of VERY talented runners here. I am not dissing you. I have ridden the last couple of Argus/CTCT's on my mtb with friends. The last one went a bit south ito staying together, but that's also okay. (Sorry Mads!) Yes, maybe age does play a factor. Do I still train? You bet! I have freakin' scary stats... Why? It keeps me sane. It keeps me focussed outside work and all the other sheet. I will always have some goal. I will always chase something. It may be an insignificant virtual event, it may be a big IRL event, it may just be recovering from a bloody small fall that stuffed up my cruciate ligaments. :whistling: So, a step back. I have "raced" and all. And when I got home, all my wife wants to hear is one thing - after she sees I'm okay! - "Did you enjoy it?". She asked me that 20 years ago when I was chasing stuff, even when I was playing squash before "that" injury and I started cycling. She'll ask me that after my next race. I've now learnt what it means. So after all of that essay... enjoy what you do! Young guns, go flat-out and chase your dreams! Old(er) dogs, go flat-out and chase your dreams. Enjoy it. Enjoy the chase, embrace the building up to the event, training and all. And for the young guns and gunnites... marry a girl/guy who understand all of this! You can NOT do any endurance sport without an understanding partner. Die oom het klaar gepreek vir die aand. (For the foreigners: The speach - even if it was not as good as Cyril lifting the alcohol ban! - is over....) :clap:
  2. SeaBee


    That 5h thriller you're talking about - I watched it (on TV!).... it was a final between Djok and Nadal. They could hardly stand during the interviews! Amazing! And sorry if that was ot the game you're talking about, but that is an epic I remember. Think Djokovic still sat on the net while somebody was talking. Hope it can continue, even without spectators then. On a side-note. I was somewhat surprised to see Kenin getting beaten - and so easily. And I'm surprised at how well Halep is doing. I like her, just surprised that she is doing so well at Aus. (Again, from memory... she usually suck at Aus and US)
  3. I remember the ice baths we had at W2W very vividly. No idea whether it worked. But it made for good banter. My team mate is still shocked at how I long I could remain in there. I think the overheating on the day helped.
  4. That - and (you'll thank me MUCH later!) a foam roller. My daughter also cursed me yesterday evening while she rolled her stiff muscles!
  5. Jaaaaa.... there's a lot of training (quite a bit on Zwift doing intervals) and a lot of it being done on tired legs, so I'm hoping that will help a bit. Mine was interrupted with cruciate ligament damage after a very small fall in Nov. - falling myself out of UTCT. Only getting properly back to running now... at least been cycling most of the way, but for a couple of weeks' break. Planning a long one again next weekend. This weekend a shorter but more elevation ride.
  6. Hmmm... I've just received an email regarding a new(?) duathlon series. Sounds interesting... will be good to have that down as a hard session weekly.
  7. I used to only get one because I was forced to have it for Oceans.
  8. Dave nailed it. There's just no way... Even when there were talks of some alternative CTCT taking place, I told my wife that I'd much rather go on a long MTB training ride than be surrounded by people.
  9. I just rode an MTB from the start on stage 7. Could not believe how many people remained on road bikes. We lapped a surprising number of peeps on our second lap already... and thereafter it got messy. Had to judge by closing speed whether it's somebody on your lap or not.
  10. Part of my problem is the lekker weather now. So I tended to end up saying "I did it" to a lot of the long rides. I plan to do them later when the whole thing is "unlocked" when completed. As I hope happens... As for ZA Run - I did not have equipment to run in that period and got it just before ZA Tri ended. So I quickly did the ZA Tri run bit as well (already did bike) for sheets and giggles. You could have heard my jaw drop on the floor (no, that was not a thunderstorm) when I received an email to say I am on the shortlist. I quickly informed them that... ehhhrrr... they obviously don't eval swimming in Zwift. My mind and open water swimming is not friends.
  11. Check on ZwiftInsider - he wrote an article about this recently.
  12. They absolutely KILL you with accumulation on esp those long rides. It look very doable on paper... but I very vividly remember turning off ERG and cruising through a very last last interval at juuust above threshold the other day, saying they can take this star and stick it somewhere where they require light.
  13. Ja, the weird thing is they do NOT put positions up for TdZ running... Which is the way it should be if it's a group ride. But ja, I'm just out there to improve myself for my RL aims, mostly doing workouts. This morning's TdZ stage was at the back end of a big training block, so just had fun. Nice little group and we sat chatting. Good to have something like that when your legs are tired and I actually need to ride on tired legs.
  14. Oh man, I am sooo happy! I was out for a short and low and slow run in the mountain just earlier. Knee was a bit of a beach on ascends and felt wobbly on the descends. And now it has a feeling quite like somebody (forcefully, as one does!) inserted a nail behind my knee cap. But it was soooo good to be out there! Will be on flats/treadmill till the weekend and then try a similar run. I suspect it was only the knee getting the shock of his life by seeing some uphill for the first time in two months! Even my socks smiled!
  15. First want to get my knee proper again, then I may add a running program. But also started with that GF cycling plan a couple of weeks ago. Those "long ride" sessions... Man, they look so innocent on paper. But the accumulation is the mother of all evils on those.
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