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  1. You got drunk on the cool aid! LOLThey say you will save 50watts when you are cycling on a flat road at 48km/h. Can you even reach 48km/h on a flat road for any length of time without a hurricane behind you? Read Cannondales own white paper for the small print. Their 7% tipping point is based on a weight difference of only 1kg between climbing bike and aero bike so already that 7% is suddenly not the tipping point when talking about a 6.5kg bike which is 2kg lighter. Furthermore, their 7% tipping point is based on their pro riders climbing at power above 5w/kg. So now if you take a normal human being the tipping point is now only a few degrees. Buy a bike that is say 2kg lighter than the porky System Six and you will be faster up just about any hill. It's basically based on speed more than gradient. If you ride up suikerbossie at 30km/h then the aero could help you. If you ride up at less than 20km/h get a light bike. Nice looking bike though, I like it alot.
  2. You've been drinking the Cannondale cool aid. I live on Kloof Nek Road so I know for a FACT that 2kg makes a big difference on the way up. The skinny climbing bike will also be faster than the Trek on the downhill because I will be be cruising down the other side at over 65km/h while the Trek and its 50 tooth big ring will be spinning at warp-speed-rpm trying to catch up! Slow on the way up AND the way down
  3. I would go Cannondale if I had to choose either but I also wouldn't buy a new bike that weighs over 8.5kg. That's what bikes weighed 20 years ago. For that kind of money I want it <6.5kg
  4. LOL, I didn't specify but I was actually referring to the 50 big ring more than the 34 small. That will have you spinning like crazy downhill at 50km/h.
  5. Which is lighter and which one has the correct crankset. I know some of the top Treks came with a 50/34 crank which is a bit strange for a top end bike. Which one makes you want to ride the most?
  6. Based on what the team mechanics and the riders said last year. They even use the X-light version of the F12 frame on the rime brake bike. I'm sure Froome has the option to use the O2 VAM rim bike on a mountain stage.
  7. It would be far cheaper for the seller to refund the money. He won't have to swap out cranks, the FD was already cracked. The only sticking point is the RD which they can agree to split 50/50. Both parties will be out a R2000 and move on
  8. Pinarello still use rim brake bikes because they can't get close to the 6.8kg limit with discs
  9. The seller said voetstoots so you instantly know who you're dealing with
  10. I still think the seller should take the bike back. No need to swap out cranks and FD etc. Just take the bike back and don't hide behind voetstoots. I got my back up the moment you mentioned it. It will cost the buyer the price of shipping and it will cost the seller whatever to fix the RD. His 'friend' tested the bike, the actual seller didn't test the bike so he cannot know that it wasn't working
  11. The OP did nothing wrong and should have been refunded in full.
  12. I have no experience with SRAM but pretty sure this is customisable with Shimano DI2. Aren't there options to change the shifting sequence in the SRAM app?
  13. Don't forget an older bike will have less clearance. The 25c tyres normally pump up to 28mm. I thought I had enough side to side clearance on an older bike but the tyre rubbed on the top of the fork. Go for the Pirelli cinturatos. I ran them during a very bleak winter in the UK and they survived very well.
  14. I won't educate theives on a public forum but any kind of cable lock is pretty useless for a half competent theif. Go to a motorbike shop and get a proper lock and chain
  15. You said it was built to a price point which implies the quality had to be lowered in some way to make it viable to sell at whatever crazy price they are these days. I might be completely wrong but I had a look inside a 25k trainer and couldn't see anything more than 4k inside. This may be why the supplier can happily swap out all the broken ones no questions asked. I know my friends are in their 2nd and 4th replacements (although they do hammer them for 10 hours per week)
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