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  1. Sooner the better but realistically I can wait 2 weeks or so
  2. Hi All Looking for some quantities of 20' BMX wheels, front and rear. Most suppliers seem to be out of stock and have no idea when stock might arrive. Would like 20 of each wheel but am open to taking whatever you got. Quality of the wheel should be equivalent to Avalanche DV8
  3. Seems like there is some definite interest out there for this :) I will start planning and liaising with the breweries..
  4. PS .. E-Bikes be welcome Why... cause we support all riders. Fast and Furious. Fat and Flourishing. The Beer does not judge and welcomes all thirsty lips. Race Snake or Puffing Python. Long draw or short sip. In this case, size really does NOT matter. 26"..27.5"..29"...e-assisted or leg- lambasted we shall not discriminate. Ye shall not judge before ye is judged yurself.. ;) May the Froth be with you Power to the Pedal Viva the Volt of your Battery
  5. It's like that, and that's the way it is Huh! 2nd Run DMC reference.. I like it too.. cause that's the way we (boeriewors) roll Like it enough to travel up from the Western Cape? Yeah you do! ;)
  6. Shot for the kind words. I think after an....interesting....2020 we all deserve a little fun in the sun :) More I think about it , the more I am keen to get this H A P P E N I N G :) eich eich pee pee eye en gee PS : Great website and 2021 offer.. go check it out ! https://adventurelogistics.co.za/
  7. And it goes a little something like this (Run DMC reference ..whoop whoop)
  8. Have a idea brewing..yip..brewing.. KZN Midlands 3 Days 3 Craft Breweries (or maybe 4) 3 days Riding along established routes and some brand new trails Long weekend in 2021 Self navigated but semi-supported (i.e. download the route, navigate your way to the on-route "water" table and thereafter to the days finish) Brekkie at each start, lunch at each finish. Fun,smiles and a couple of beers compulsory. Affordable, fun and only enter if coming 1st means you get to have the 1st draw of beer from the Keg I am happy to put in the work and get something established if there is enough interest .. please comment if you think you would be keen to do this event
  9. Likewise for Stuart. Have yet to meet a more dedicated yet humble athlete.
  10. Hi all I am putting the lock down to good use and using the time to finish a donor build for a local rider. Its a Cube Reaction frame (2011 I think) but has a busted derailleur hanger.. Any idea where I could find a replacement ?
  11. https://kzncycling.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/KZNcycling_ClubList-2019-28062019.pdf
  12. Griffin

    The Munga 2019

    My bad.. just started following live plot and didnt realise that ! Thanks for the heads up
  13. Griffin

    The Munga 2019

    Daryl Wilson was leading at 170.7km.. now I see he has been scratched
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