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  1. As I've been riding solo as of late I've decided that it might be a good time to get some form of self defense, which hopefully won't need to be used. Not sure if the pink attracts or detracts, but I 3D printed some clips which can be fixed to all my bikes, and the canister can just be transferred over depending on which bike I'm on.
  2. Bearing in mind you're going a minimum speed where you can actually take advantage of the aero benefit. Aero isn't always faster.
  3. Does anyone know if the Delmas road is still "cyclist friendly" due to a great big gat across the road?
  4. In his defense, he listed it as a fork, and not a shock, which is why he's provided the details he has. Usually they get it the other way around...
  5. I'm going to flaunt a pink note with lion on it and say that Bavuma is going to be the next captain. To add on to what you have said, the current team is toothless. I spoke with someone else who made the comment that the Aussie side of the 90's and 00's never, ever thought that they were down and out - they kept on fighting. That is what we lack. We accept defeat and just roll over. We don't have BMT. The team cohesion is crap. The highest average of the current squad is Faf with 41 now Markram at just under 41. Where are the days of Amla, Kallis, AB and Smith who averaged near on 50 and over? Where are those players? Verreyne averages nearly 52 in FC, the Malan brothers are both over 44 in FC. Keegan Petersen is also averaging 41 in FC. Why are these guys not playing? Where are the bowlers? Rabada is world class, and Nortje is doing a good job, but where are we after that? There are some youngsters making waves, but we're not actually playing enough cricket to give them a real go. I agree that we should be playing stronger nations like India, Aus and England, but why not give the younger okes a run against the likes of Pakistan, Windies, Sri Lanka, et al. Whatever, we're in the ****.
  6. So you still don't actually think that you were in the wrong here, am I right?
  7. Looks like it's another weekend of Zwift on the cards
  8. Jeeze that asymmetric wear is strange. You should get him some dual-sided power meters...
  9. Let's be fair. COVID is a real thing and Australia has handled the entire pandemic better than most other countries. I would also not be keen on touring to South Africa at this point in time. We should have accepted their offer to go there instead, but we didn't. As for your last question, you know the real reason.
  10. Oh yes, that's my other annoyance. Sometimes (but not al the times), I would get a corner lifting on my PETG prints, but it doesn't stop after a few layers, it just flipping carries on and on and on. I realise that this is a cooling issue, but bloody hell it is annoying.
  11. My experience with PETG hasn't been the best to be honest. I could never get it to consistently print well. I'm not sure if I didn't have the temperature right, but I would get a lot of ooze which would end up wrapping around the nozzle and just causing a whole bunch of havoc and ugly prints. I now only print PETG if I have a water exposed part. The nice thing about PETG though is you can print 0.25mm layers instead of 0.2mm so you score about 20% on the speed there, but you need to print a bit slower than PLA, so it's not all that different in the end.
  12. That shouldn't matter, in my opinion.
  13. Creality Ender 3 (Regular/Pro/Silent) is a good start. I have a Creality CR10 Mini, which to be honest, was overkill. I could have managed with an Ender 3.
  14. The amount of thingies I've printed to assist with DIY is ridiculous. And exactly as you said, oh, it broke? I'll just quickly print one.
  15. To answer your question. You are absolutely not being unreasonable here. You should get all your money back + shipping costs in my opinion.
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