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  1. MORNE

    Formula 1...

    He’s already back on social media making posts though. He seems fine. It’l take more than n broken jaw to keep him out of the car anyway haha. Like when he had that crazy crash in Melbourne 2016 and was coughing up blood with a fractured sternum/bruised lung and was apparently doing pushups in front of the FIA medical staff to prove his fitness to drive the next race...
  2. MORNE

    Formula 1...

    He rides a Spanish brand called MMR bikes. I think they are local to his home town. He also used to own a cycling team i think. https://www.mmrbikes.com/fernando-alonso https://www.google.co.za/amp/s/en.triatlonnoticias.com/noticias-triatlon/bicicleta-mmrbikes-fernando-alonso/amp/
  3. MORNE

    Formula 1...

    Ugh. why cant we have nice things.... He really is cursed. https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/fernando-alonso-injured-hit-car/5382674/?ic_source=home-page-widget&ic_medium=widget&ic_campaign=widget-1
  4. MORNE

    Formula 1...

    Most probably a stop-gap contract so that other details can be sorted out during ‘21 before he signs for longer. But we can hope...
  5. This was only the pilot episode. Wait for this to go nuclear by friday on here: https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/188122-grabbing-your-torches-and-pitchforks/?do=findComment&comment=3767791
  6. Yea, my bad too i guess.I am, and was right from start, willing to update/fix it after a resolution. It is there for all to read so i wont defend it any further. And in the context of THAT thread, the seller openly admitted fault - eventually. Would he have without all the negative press and pressure? Hard to say isn't it. Going by his messages, He was reluctant to say the least. Did WE do it the right by using ‘gorilla tactics’ and a loophole/flaw in the platform? Probably not and we probably shouldn't have. But we did and It is what it is now.
  7. You go away with your Brits english lol. my keyboard doesnt auto correct the ‘murican way of spelling honor or color etc lol
  8. The mods seem to not care about any of this though. Please come deliver upon us your judgement oh moderatey ones. Maybe the popcorn is too good? The silence is deafening though. /Comic sans/. I think
  9. Yes, i agree...in a perfect trading scenario.
  10. Ugh. Ok. Yes. Helping a fellow hubber out to get a reaction out of the guy who screwed him over and kept quiet was wrong? The seller did the same to the buyer btw. There was no mudslinging...just asking him to do the right thing. And in the past it was possible to remove/edit comments on there if i recall, which i fully intend doing still...since it all ended relatively well in the end. I’ll give him 5 stars for doing the right thing infact. Thats the premise of helopeter too. The system allows it. If it were blasphemy it would not be possible to do it that way and comments would only be possible between confirmed buyers snd sellers. Anyway, meh...give me a warning point for breaking the terms of use re the rating system. I will wear it as a badge of honor in this instance.
  11. There should be a disclaimer on the main page under the bikehub logo: Bikehub Beware: here be pitchfork mobs. Well it did it’s job again, so its efficacy cant be disputed yet lol. Agree - case closed though. Anyway, ill gladly remove my contribution to his marketplace profile once i know where,what, how. ADMIN!?
  12. A cube? 3 diamonds? A knight’s helmet? A hexagon with the center point indicated? Instructions unclear. Sorry, i feel like a box for not getting it.... ????
  13. Admin... what happened to the ability to change or remove or view your feedback for others?? I want to remove the comment on Mr Morne's marketplace profile but there is no function? I remember being able to view feedback left for others? or am I high? anyway....please assist. Edit: Also, bring back comments for classifieds
  14. My fault sorry, i havent posted in these threads for months so don't know what goes where. Anyway, i’ll let myself out anyway.
  15. This. Also then look at Oveja Negra’s website. G&T carry some of their stock but special ordered all my bags from them for me. Took 2 weeks. Sadly all those bags are now probably on some skelms bicycle carrying chicken feet and maize meal.... And they cost about 30% more now from when I bought mine, a bit expensive to replace at this stage. They are awesome though.
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