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  1. Just being rudeSorry Try crossing our borders The ante goes up
  2. Which company?And which contract?
  3. I knew the Francois du Toit part but not Le Turbo.Incidently I bought the Le Turbo from Willie Englebrecht, if I can spell it properly, when he worked in AVH shop in Bramley, a moer of a long time ago I cant spell
  4. Nice bike.I had a Le Turbo and my wife a Le Jeune.I am not sure they came from the same stable?
  5. Had a Series 3.Pleased that's out of my system.
  6. I am embarrassed.My 2013 Subaru Forester 2.0 Turbo has 38K kays on the clock.Its due for its 90K service next month. I use a company bakkie for work here and when I was in Moz
  7. And it all goes to the sea. Which is good, because that's where our rain comes from The cycle of life
  8. Thanks for the link Just got a bit tired with the interviewer and his fixation on death.But all good
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