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  1. Route marked and ready to be practised. Although not fully manicured yet. ????
  2. Event Name: Gauteng XCO Cup #1 - Voortrekker Monument When: 20 February 2021 Where: XCOSA Bike Park, Voortrekker Monument, Gauteng Category: MTB 2021 GC XCO Series dates. The 2021 GC XCO season starts with a bang on 20 Feb 21! With 2021 being an Olympic year, the peak racing season is somewhat condensed to ensure maximum potential until May 2021 for accruing UCI points to our Elite riders. We are in the process of finalising race tracks for the GC events and have a tender procedure we follow for event organisers to ensure events comply with the physical and technical demand pertaining to provincial type events. GC XCO Cup Series & SA XCO Cup seeding. Please take note that results of all GC XCO Cup events will be incorporated into the SA XCO Cup Series seeding for determining starting order of these national events. Although the GC XCO Cup results will not directly impact on the SA XCO Log, it will contribute indirectly in that it will offer better starting positions in SA XCO Cup races and consequently a much higher probability for better race results! GC XCO Colours. All point towards 2021 being the 1st year for rewarding excellent mtb performance with prestigious provincial colours. The GC colours criteria document has been drafted and will finally be considered for approval end November 2019. The premise, however, is that GC Colour nominations are dependent on regional colours as well as nomination by the respective regional mtb and executive committees. More details (route, start times, laps...) will be posted closer to the event... Go to Event Page
  3. Thanks guys. It’s all working well now ????????
  4. Thanks. Normally I don’t have the horse power to get it loose. So much for girl power ???? BUT... Managed a bodge. Got the outer cable down to the bb. Then threaded inner cable through. Caught the inner via seat tube with a spoke attached to a short piece of outer for extra length. And voila.
  5. Hi Spafsack I also have a Superspeed and ordered a Lyne dropper. I am struggling with the internal routing. Cable gets stuck at the bottom of the frame by the bb. How did you get your cable up the seat tube?
  6. Event Name: XCO TT at Voortrekker Monument When: 30 January 2021 Where: XCOSA Bike Park - Voortrekker Monument, Gauteng Category: MTB No entry fee. R50pp donation welcome. Structured XCO training. Race against the clock. Go to Event Page
  7. That’s a great alternative. Also been using for a few months now. The rubber bit seems like it will last much longer than the Garmin ones.
  8. Let’s just postpone January, February and March altogether and start the new year with April. ????
  9. Most of us saw it coming. Good thing they can do something about it now and not repeat same situation as last year. A trickled down event will just mean that the Epic’s sponsors etc don’t get the exposure they need. It’s a crappy time to live in and try to hope for things, but I just don’t want to have a “everything is f&$$ed” attitude.
  10. http://www.treadmtb.co.za/2021-absa-cape-epic-likely-to-be-postponed/
  11. Was there middle October and wasn’t charged to enter the market. Don’t know about the old entrance closing. That would just be silly for people from Kempton side. But, I guess they an manage entrance better this way?
  12. 10 speed is still viable. Many people still run that. But 9 speed is outdated. When I upgraded, I had a Sunrace cassette on. Worked well. Wouldn’t go for the other parts though.
  13. I’d go for 1x11 purely because it was designed for single chainring systems. One thing to consider is the 11-speed parts you’ll need: derailleur, cassette, chain, shifter and possibly a new crank. You can maybe get away with just a narrow/wide chainring on your current crank. In my experience, Shimano SLX was an excellent upgrade. What groupset do you have on your bike currently?
  14. I am still excited about taking part. It could be my only chance, so I will make the best of it despite the situation we’re in. Yeah, I am also disappointed that the prologue and grand finale will be without the “gees”, but there may be a special arangement for those days by that time. As for the masks etc. in the race villages, we’re so used to it now that it won’t make a huge difference in the overall experience. This will be a very unique Epic, and will just add to many participants’ life stories.
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