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  1. The most important question, not asked, is that a GTV6 in the background?
  2. Same same, thanks for the heads up @Mars1967!
  3. Keen to know more, will drop you an email.
  4. Thanks for the reply Doring! Doing a long weekend at the end of Feb and keen to get on it.
  5. I'm also considering using an HRV app, I've been struggling the last two months with power when my HR goes over 160/170 (max is about 192 odd - but haven't been there in a while). Based on the other thread I got tested for Covid, but both active and anti-body tests returned negative. My guess is that I'm a bit fatigued (prep for TransB) although nothing worse than what I've done before. But can't say for sure, I am on a 2 week break and will gauge once getting back on the bike, whether I should seek further medical advice. Some general questions if someone might be able to answer, just comparing the two apps: EliteHRV free and the HRV4Training app is R140 odd, any major differences between the two?Noted on the EliteHRV site I can use a Garmin HRM with the app but no specific mention on the HRV4 stie?Any other points to consider? Edit: For context I'm 32.
  6. Have been trying to figure out HRV on Connect, but can't seem to do it without downloading an app onto your watch? But it seems like the HRV is used in calculating the rest of the metrics on Connect? https://support.garmin.com/en-ZA/?faq=04pnPSBTYSAYL9FylZoUl5
  7. Reviving an old thread... Has anyone ridden the area recently and have any info on the state of the trails?
  8. This, and do the spindown in the Suito app.
  9. You don't mention which 10spd groupset is on the Cannondale, but I would assume it is not Campag. My very humble opinion would be to go with the Cannondale, I am not well versed in Campag speak or maintenance and would stick with Shimano or SRAM for ease of replacement as mentioned. Power meter is a very nice to have and the Super Six is more pretty than the Merida (my opinion). But didn't know this, definitely something to take into account.
  10. I browsed my spam box a few days ago, to find a mail from ecobound@gmail.com (or something like that) with a survey. I obviously missed this survey completely, and I assume a number of other riders as well.
  11. Thus me saying that you don't have to use the post rule. But rather just having a cool-down period before posting in the classifieds. No issues with anyone just using the classifieds.
  12. Thought about the TB last night while listening to El Presidente - thank goodness the decision had been made. Recall them somewhere in one of the previous posts saying that they have years of event planning experience and that they don't expect the numbers to grow :whistling:
  13. The number of post rule is maybe too much, but a user should be member for at least a day (or a week) to be able to post in the classifieds. Users creating profiles for the express purpose of selling the minute they join should be discouraged.
  14. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/road-bikes/448836/gtr-pro-large-carbon-fibre Just take the bike aside and take some proper photos...
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