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  1. I don't own one but judging by the quality of all of their other products, its a cheaper alternative. If there is an option of good 2nd hand Thule, I wouldn't think twice about where I would prefer putting my bikes on.
  2. and they recon pyga's geo is beyond its time :ph34r:
  3. babse


    have the other 2 games came to a decision already? sense a few more or these happening throughout the knockout stages
  4. babse

    UCI rules

    Canyon doing the happy dance to this news
  5. Still sounds like you making this to be his problem In my view you actually haven't proved any of the doubt wrong with your post Wrong size fork, missing axle, reluctant to pay him back, still not saying how you messed this up and what's your plan to resolve? EDIT: I see you eventually paid him back.
  6. yeah posted the question a few pages back on why he has not been removed? FB Marketplace here we come
  7. babse


    keen to hear your views on that **** show (when you have the krag to type)
  8. babse


    hence why I said leave nothing to the tail FFS... these guys think they really don't need to contribute and play such careless cricket. maybe its a good thing sandpaper brigade is not coming here after all, another whitewash wouldn't be ideal.
  9. babse


    shambles... Wickets, no runs and play and misses. That 128 now looks like the Pyrenees!
  10. babse


    And I was blowing Elgars worn for his grit of which he has shown very little of so far... on the contrary, Markram has shown bucket loads.
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