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  1. The Revelate Pika and Topeak Backloader bags have served their purpose for me for overnighters. Best is to limit your packing space so you can travel light and keep it as simple as possible. Pack everything firm, eliminating movement.
  2. Post revive... :w00t: There's a 180km water/hydro bike challenge from Corsica to Monaco, relay teams of 4.
  3. Thank you so much! Wow. That resolved it and was so easy too. I'll be paying more attention to fine-tuning these settings as I get more data.
  4. I've been following the 'Fitness' graphs for my activities and finding the fatigue vs fitness lines very interesting & useful. My road bike and indoor trainer have power meters but my MTB does not. Saturday I did a longish MTB ride which barely features in terms of fatigue, yet it took more of a toll than Thursdays. If compared to my Thursday morning road ride which had a lower ave heart rate plus duration was less than half that of Saturdays, Saturdays activity should be a sizable bump in my fatigue. Ofcourse the best way to rectify this in future would be to equip the MTB with a power meter but is there a way for me to manually (or otherwise) compensate/correct the activity so that the impact on the overall graph can be more accurate? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  5. Interesting. Although I'm not sure what conspiracies there could be regarding the bleak future of the country if South Africans leave it to the current government and future governments to run as they have shown.
  6. Move ONE Million Anyone else come across this... South Africans uniting (peacefully and with purpose) to take a stand against the way the country is being run. People are gathering not only throughout SA but seems to be a lot of support from abroad too. There are Twitter, Telegram and many other platforms being used but here's the facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1004477703342216 Taken from the group as explanation... We are in a battle for the heart and soul of South Africa. We cannot allow ourselves to be paralyzed by fear for one more minute. Yes, we are banged up and yes, we have been beaten down, but we are not broken. It is up to every single one of us to rise up against the people bent on trying to destroy our great nation. The time is now for us to unite from all corners of the globe and show solidarity against a bent and corrupt system that can no longer be allowed to have its way with the future of our people and the future leaders that follow. We are now left with only two options - Either we run and cower, or make a stand, together, as sons and daughters of South Africa!Either we stand together united as one, or we fall divided as individuals. The time for sitting on the fence is over. Our country needs us, and only the people can set us free! Our aim is to get ONE MILLION people to take hands in peaceful protest across the country and abroad. To show our force, we need not raise our voice. The sheer numbers of purposeful protestors alone will make a statement that the world will not be able to ignore.Through the help of a carefully constructed plan, we will leverage all of our partner platforms, groups, and associations along with both local and international press for this event (or events), where we will deliver our expectations. We will develop these with the help of the public. We will call all on races, all religions, all genders to work with us and strengthen the numbers, and mount growing pressure through our ongoing presence and international awareness campaigns.
  7. Hi JBR, I'm 175cm's, Had a medium VIpa XT and have been riding a Medium 2017 Scalpel since um, 2017. Prefer the Scalpels Medium to the VIpa Medium. The VIpa almost felt on the small side in terms of handling but was comfortable and was the right size for me. The Scalpel just has a much more playful feel to it and feels like it fits me better.
  8. I found Louis Garneau MTB shoes to be wider and more comfortable than other more expensive brands I've owned.
  9. Haven't used the cleaning tablets through my Breville since I ran out of the first lot maybe 8yrs ago. Just too expensive to make sense. I dilute white vinegar and run that through the machine (using rubber jobby) and steamer whenever the 'clean me' light pops on, which is roughly every two months. Filters, I do use and replace every time. Always got them from @home who I believe are the SA importers of Breville. (https://www.home.co.za/pdp/breville-bean-to-cup-filter-set-6/_/A-334002AB2) Machine still works like new, cup after cup. No other maintenance has been required other than the occasional brushing of the grinder.
  10. I'd suggest: Your multitool from CWC with chainbreaker.Quicklinks x2.Mushroom plug.Tyre levers.Two bombs, maybe a pump (for when the bombs run out or when you only need to top up on the trail after plugging). Latex tyre sealant doesn't like CO2.Spare mini-bottle of Stans (for you or your pals when tyre is dry emergency. Then also don't need to top up tyres as often). I take a second bottle on longer rides or bigger groups.Small bottle chainlube.Plugger, spare plugs & blade (e.g. Ryder Slug Plug).All of the above is in a tiny saddle bag (small enough to go in my saddle) or taped to my bottle cage or saddle post. Haven't carried a spare tube in over 15yrs (trekking/riding/racing). They are fairly useless in a used tubeless ridden tyre.
  11. In terms of comfort, I just didn't understand the initial gravel builds on rigid bikes with narrow tyres to ride the corrugated gravel roads we have. Considering all the advancement and direction MTBs have taken in recent years for comfort & performance, this seemed to be the opposite direction for gravel. Interestingly I see the newer trends and what the avid gravel riders are doing is shifting to wider tyres, some suspension (Lefty Oliver / Lauff), rear compliance and also 1x gearing systems.
  12. I very comfortably ride a Medium 2017 Scalpel. Love the fit, its perfect for me. Had Medium VIpa before this which was my fit but felt slightly smaller in handling and not as comfy. I'm 175cm and a 72cm BB to top of saddle.
  13. This pic did its rounds, also someone saying it was taken in KZN. Then someone pointed out that its not a type found in SA but an American snake.
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