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  1. Some of those rotating washing lines are like that. That is, you insert the washing line assembly into a pipe in the ground.
  2. The new continental mountain king is super nice!! I am using it on the rear paired with a De Baron projekt up front. These tyres replaced WTB Trailboss, a very good rear tyre as well and A WTB Convict. I think the convict is a bit too aggressive for our trails. But thats my opinion. Also the WTB tyre weighed over a kilo each where as the contis are under a kilo each. If that makes a difference to you. The conti's have nice thick sidewalls as well. I have used wtb, maxxis, scwalbe, kenda and onza. The contis are by far my favourite, followed my the WTB mentioned above. Dont think I will buy another maxxis tyre in the near future either. Then again thats just me. Tyres are personal preferences. Once you find what works for you, you wont chan
  3. those are nice!! are you buying?
  4. I am finished with alumnium valves. They dont last especially when they get warm when you inflate the tyre. The valve snaps easily. Old trusty brass valves from now on.
  5. Gotta love chinese translations of alot of products.
  6. BBC reports him to have a broken jaw. https://www.bbc.com/sport/formula1/56034657
  7. Nice, will be following with interest as I am looking at getting myself an older car and an old Landy happens to be one of them.
  8. Tan walls was an 80's thing. Pretty much all bicycle tyres came in tan/gum walls. If I remember correctly the side walls were or used to get brittle over time back then.
  9. Doing South Africa proud at around 6:20
  10. I hike fairly often. There are now loads more people hiking. One thing I can say is that majority of people will pull up a mask and even give a wider berth when there is space.
  11. Rumour is that mercedes might not be around come 2022. Ineos is most likely to take over and mercedes will only be an engine supplier.
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