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  1. Stolen: Trek 800 When: 28/06/2021Where: Muizenberg, Cape Town, Western CapeTest 2 bike 2Get further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section.
  2. Stolen: Test Test Where: Cape Town City CentreCape Town, , Western CapeGet further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section.
  3. Testing 232 View full article
  4. I did sample it early on to test the quality ;) :D I briefly considered a different "Admin / moderator" border, but then remembered that time would be far better spent getting mobile uploads in the forums (and mobile usability) up to 2021 standards.
  5. Thanks for highlighting this. It is important that the integrity of the rating system is maintained (and improved). As frustrating as being ignored might be, it's just not something that justifies a rating nor is it in line with our T&Cs. The solution will have to come from all sides... Bike Hub: Make it easier for sellers to Mark on hold / Sold, ensure interested buyers are then notified automatically and educate users on these tools. Improve visibility of unread/unanswered messages.Sellers: Use the tools above more proactively.Buyers: Understand that even with the above in place you might still be ignored. It's likely nothing personal, unless you're truly low balling.
  6. I've had a quick look around and all seems in order, however all three of you currently have the "Hide all ads" option disabled. So you would have been seeing some ads (only directly sold & our in house advertising). We did have an in house campaign launch yesterday which would give the impression that you're suddenly seeing more ads (especially for those overseas). Please pop into your settings and enable the "Hide all ads" option under the Plus section. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/settings
  7. Apologies, you shouldn’t be seeing any, even the blue and green ones. We’ll correct that ASAP.
  8. This is something we’re getting a lot of feedback on lately. Many of the cases are a situation where the seller has dozens of earlier messages and simply haven’t bothered to respond. Not ideal for those left hanging and we’re looking at ways to make it easier to respond in bulk, e.g. where an item has been sold. However, from some of the replies here it seems there are also technical issues adding to the problem. If you’re not receiving chat message notifications either on the site or via email, or if you are finding any other issues PLEASE let us know via help@bikehub.co.za, including a screenshot if possible. @RomP apologies for the slight hijack, but hopefully we can solve any broader issues that might be contributing to the problem you’re facing.
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