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  1. I got a comp entry to a well known three day trail event. The cars in the parking lot was way fancier than the yacht club. So I only really do 1/2 destination trail races a year. Needs to be something i can only do on the race day
  2. "Colony" bikes...in cape town/ZAR in 2021? might as well call it Rhodes rider or AW Bike
  3. If the only consideration is weight. then yes - Etrex 10 wins in this case. if the only consideration was GPs performace - etrex wins I've only ever navigated like this on a bike, where your unit is on your bar in front of you. if you can find a way to conveniently mount a big unit so that it is as useful as a wristwatch, then yes this is ultimately better. interesting issue, and if the answer is a R800 2nd hand unit with AA batteries then i'm stoked!
  4. I don't want to lecture* a bunch of actuaries about statistical notation. but there's no way on God's green earth that the median could be 78 in the US. *edit looks like the data is cherrypicked:needs to include the iqr
  5. I think our combined anecdotal data on young kids could be useful. Anyone here who has got children in primary school experienced any sort of spreading event between kids at their schools? I have a 6 and 8 year old going back to their school on monday, they were back to 5 days a week last year as soon as possible and never had any issues.
  6. heard through my grapevine that people in Tanzania are crapscared of covid, gov done basically nothing and people are mysteriously dying of "pneunomia". https://www.theafricareport.com/62785/tanzania-doctors-urge-magufulis-government-to-take-covid-seriously/ With a media state and censorship people are scared to speak out. I think in a few years time the rear view mirror will be using Tanzania and Sweden as test cases of what to do. Maybe they are doing the right thing by letting the economy go about it's thing and just take the hit in health, but it's playing russian roulette with your people's lives.
  7. Shebeen


    am i the only guy here without an espnricinfo.com profile?
  8. Shebeen


    indeed!! the whole over is highlights, and not just talking about broad's hair
  9. I know you done the eTrex already, but my starting point would be to hit up those who have done munga trail. i remember the first or second one seeing Nicky finishing with her suunto charging strap dangling down to her wrist, looked terribly inconvenient! if people started using a larger device and worked out how to mount well, then that's worth it. 2 sets of lithium energixers should do the trick
  10. I have never been a member of a running club, always just done temp licences. I didn't see the point for me. BUT, since we had some stabbings in mzb mountains we have a whatsapp trail group that has blossomed (so much that it's now a telegram group due to WA member limits). I have really enjoyed the camaraderie and fun and games. our clubhouse is a pub and we have kit to wear. where clubs are important is races, they do the races. and i don't see this ever falling away.
  11. anyone want to try and guess WTF is going on here https://www.gumtree.co.za/a-yachts-sailboats/bloemfontein/wanted-catamaran/1008864988770912733359809
  12. I used to work with drones when they still called them UAVs. GPS is not trivial. You need to get a faint timing signal from three satellites up there looking down at you, every second. For some weird reason phones seen to be binary GPS yes/no. The actual GPS chip in your phone is vital, but never disclosed. The active/ passive antennae is vital in design, yet I guess it is normally on page 7 of the priority list. This is a mid range phone with short cuts definitely taken on the way. I'm guessing your problem is hardware, software might be able to smooth it out. But don't blame Strava/android they just display the data given to them
  13. i agree with you 100% here. I just think that there will be 10 x 190k spaz sworks sold for every serious enquiry on a R107k Titan. ridiculous, ain't it? stupid rich okes driving the price up the whole time
  14. I can show you okes what a shocking workbench looks like if you want to feel better.
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