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  1. Was at Cycle Lab in Boksburg earlier and they have some really nice tubeless valves with that alloy piece behind the sealing rubber, they have a couple different colors available as well, sadly they all have black plastic caps, but anyway, they are R150 a set if anyone is interested, will post a picture tomorrow
  2. So she ain't all that pretty at the moment, but it is a working bike, need a quick link for the chain and then I can go for a test ride After a couple of rides I will strip it down, maybe replace the crank with a proper 2x crank and have a nice paint job done and get a decent saddle and bar tape
  3. On one of Yoann Barelli's bike check videos he mentioned some hack he did to make the bottle more secure, and I think if it works for him then it should work for pretty much anyone
  4. What about the Fabric cageless water bottle?
  5. Was just at Wayne to get some parts, man these are good looking frames????
  6. Please show me another bike with similar spec for the same price or R20k more, I would even go as far as R50k, I haven't seen anything
  7. Thanks, it is for a set of Fulcrum wheels, but no one is getting back to me on whether or not they can get adapters for them
  8. Hey guys, are all these adapters the same? Found a set of thru axle wheels that will work well for a build I am busy with but my frame and fork are QR
  9. That looks like a HEXA kit from Addendorf? I love those HEXA tools, really good quality and well priced
  10. Thanks, so a good rule of thumb would be that the headset is not critical but regular maintenance is advised, and get the best BB you can afford, especially on a MTB that sees a bit of abuse?
  11. I understand that they are better quality than cheaper stuff, and in most instances lighter because of the materials used, but what I want to know is can you actually really FEEL a difference, like while pedaling along am I going to say to myself "oh yeah, I can really feel how smooth this Hope BB is compared to that Shimano XT BB?" Or "yes, this Chris King headset makes the steering feel so smooth and direct compared to .... headset?"
  12. What is the difference between budget and premium headsets and Bottom brackets? I know that obviously the more expensive ones are generally better quality and last longer, but is there a difference in the "feeling" of them, and I am not talking about the cheap *** Chinese rubbish stuff, I mean like between say a Shimano XT bottom bracket and a Cane Creek, Hope or Chris King bottom bracket And the likes of say the Giant branded head sets and the offerings by Hope and Cane Creek? Then on top of that in brands like Cane Creek where they have different models like the 10, 40 and 110 series headsets, does it make that big of a difference?
  13. Damn, I forgot I also need a saddle and bars ???? haha, will build it up like that to test it all works and then will get stripped down again for painting, not sure if I will do DIY or get a proper job done ????
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