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  1. Jip, same concept. A pin in the base could stop the spinning though ...
  2. THIS is what I need to address the weight issues of my ebike .... C.sans font
  3. 50mm stand pipe ... Bend a C-channel out of 3mm steel, welded horizontally to the pipe, with the C open to the top ... fixing points at either end for the bike ... and now you even have a "rack" for a few tools.... Now raak ek lus vir DIY ...
  4. With 2020 models in a few weeks this bike is a two year old bike ....
  5. As this seems to be an older thread .... anybody on this thread that have used your spray, or other defences, while out riding or running ? What worked ? What did not work ? Any advise/recommendations .... Right now the only planning in place .... decent insurance .... be as vigilant as possible ....
  6. Saw a lady runner early morning ... First glance all seemed normal. Then I noticed a strap around her wrist ... then the can of peperspray in each hand .... She clearly is not going down without a fight ....
  7. https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/marvel-supreme-tubeless-valve-pair
  8. Aaaaaaa ..... you had me surfing the CWC site .... R150 for their Marvel product. I recall seeing a known brand, in colour, at CWC a few weeks ago for around R500 per set (cant recall the brand though).... was very tempted to buy the green for Maritz's bike ....
  9. Thinking wayyyy out the box. You seen those parking bollards that insert into a pipe concreted into the ground .... Would be super cool to have a single foot section which goes into a receptical in the floor .... Rigid when you want Could add a rotation amd lock function, if this of use to you .... Remove and pack away when done working on the bikes.
  10. Even those three.legged traditional stands .... I have properly hurt my feet on these.
  11. Ouch !!! Wishing you a full recovery
  12. Jip, as others pointed ... do want a light so drivers will (hopefully) notice you. Or do need a very strong light to light up dark roads .... For the former - I use a very small Ryder light in front, USB rechargeable. Flash mode gives about 4 hours of use, and VERY visible. I use a flashing Bontrager for a tail light. Getting a light for dark roads and trails .... others can advise uou better for that
  13. Back at work since September. Been a busy period wrapping up projects and site inspections .... walking 38km in the last week !! Obviously you are absolutely drenched in sweat after these inspections .... straight home. Shower, shorts, and then work from home for the rest of the day. This hybrid really works nicely :)
  14. ChrisF

    UCI rules

    Full suspension ... 29 x 2,6 ... Dropper DROPPED ... Seated in this low position .... Tucked more than super tucked .... Odendaal type downhill ... 60 to 70km/h .... purely due to the tuck (spinning out at 40km/h.) Moral of the story .... LOW road frames with long droppers for the win ...
  15. put 6 tool bits next to each other, with about a bit width between each other ... thats the length of the wrench ...... Seems the same size to my Bosch set. SMALL ... and yet this is what makes it SO versatile when working in the tight spots.
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