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  1. I just looooove the Provence scenery. If it wasn't for Covid, we would have visited last year.
  2. This... 60-80km. But smaller teams 4-6 - which makes it easier to get riders of similar strength together
  3. Danny Macaskill and Viola Brand is then banned from riding altogether. What's next - no more Sagan wheelies? Don't exceed 40kph on a lekker downhill?
  4. Reading this thread back to front while sipping a glass of red.... Morne might be a descent oke, from Stellies nogal, and a good mechanic, and Afrikaans But He's got a lot to learn about how to deal with people in a polite and professional manner, especially since the mistake, intentional or not, started with him. He's the seller, the person trying to make a living of selling stuff...being it a service or stuff... Selling 101 - the customer is always king - since they pay your salary. Ask Rapide.... Sies man..
  5. Underachiever


    FUN, FUN, FUN, and no license required!! Nice that the N+1 rule also applies.
  6. Underachiever


    what yardage? Prob 15-20?
  7. Underachiever


    Go have a look on YT. My recurve has a front sight only. So the "back sight" is the fixed point on your face/lips/cheek. Teaches you consistency. Aligned to the Olympics std. This single point sight needs to be adjusted based on the distance from the target. So remember your setting per distance!! A reputable archery shop will advise you. This also saves arrow cost (a few years back it was R100 per arrow, cheaper stuff) Instinctive shooting without any sights takes very long to master. Compound will have a back sight in the bow string.
  8. Underachiever


    I love the recurve!! There are tons of very good YT videos that will teach you the basics. I bought an low poundage bow (27lb) when my (then) young son and I started. To accommodate both of us. I still shoot it. With the low poundage you can practice your technique and not fight the bow the whole time. I have a 70lb longbow which is a beast to shoot. Have fun - it's a great sport/hobby. Next N+1 is a compound....
  9. Great to watch these two masters!!!
  10. True, true But... Truth be told, if I was that serious I would change my diet 1st, drop 6kg, then do at least 2 x HIIT sessions a week, and then the PM... But it would be nice to see the data :-)
  11. I've getting to grips with all the functionality - MUCH better than the Elevate App. Pretty impressed. At one point in time I probably needs to invest in a PM...
  12. Discovered Intervals.icu today and liked it to Strava I've been following my fitness progress on the "Elevate" Strava tool for some time now. And the result of the 2 applications seems to be exactly the same???
  13. Watched "The Undoing" a while back. Good acting from Hugh Grant, and I am a Nicole fan!! Watching 3 out of 6 episodes of "A Confession" with another Love Actually actor (Martin "the Hobbit" Freeman).
  14. I enjoyed the Markie Mark "Shooter"
  15. If you want to look at a non rigid option - I have an 80mm Reba that will be available soon.
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